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J. Zunz - Hibiscus

As summer dribbled away, dark clouds more befitting of 2020’s mood scampered into place along the British skyline. Concurrent with this meteorological shift arrives J Zunz’s Hibiscus. One half of the hypnotic psychonauts Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, J Zunz (real name Lorena Quintanilla) has eschewed collaboration this time in favour of a deeply personal delve into her own psyche. What emerges is something nuanced, confident, and throbbing with paranoia.

Roly Porter - Kistvaen

“Everywhere we shine death and life burn into something new, Rise up like perfumed nebulae through the jubilant road flowing beneath our feet.” Death, as a subject matter, rarely strays far from an active mind. But right now it’s barging its way to the forefront of conversation, debate, and thought. Be it the spiralling death rate of a global pandemic or the callous brutality of racist law enforcers, it’s everywhere that we choose to turn...

Markus Floats - Third Album

Cathedrals, shrines, temples, and other places of worship have been increasingly co-opted for musical ventures over the past decade or two so, it stands to reason, that this would further extend to the sounds typically reserved for those spaces too. In keeping with this, Markus Lake – the man behind the Markus Floats moniker who, himself, is no stranger to blurring boundaries & genres, having participated in a broad spectrum of Afrofuturist, punk, post-punk, and experimental outfits...
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I will walk heavy and I will walk strange.

Mark Z. Danielewski


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