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Echoes And Dust

Death of Lovers - The Acrobat

Back in 2013 Domenic “Nicky” Palermo and Kyle Kimball of Nothing joined forces with Whirr bassist, Nick Bassett, and keyboardist Cecilia Liu to form Death of Lovers. The EP that they released the following year – Buried Under A World Of Roses – was an eerie slice of Gothic-tinged post punk that combined neck breaking nods to Georges Bataille with the oppressive timbre and driving rhythms of Joy Division. Suffice to say, it was more than a bit ace. Since then there has been further turbulence in
Echoes And Dust

TST All-Dayer: Friends & Favourites – Green Door Store, Brighton

Tatty Seaside Town, AKA Papa C, AKA Colin Wakefield has been at the heart of the Brighton DIY music scene for well over a decade. Two decades if you count his sterling work running the alternative treasure trove that is Edgeworld Records (which has now taken on a nomadic life, roaming up and down the country in pop up form). This, his second all-dayer of the year, has been entitled ‘Friends & Favourites’ and it’s easy to see why. Regulars, familiar faces, and leading lights of the British underg
Echoes And Dust

Peter Broderick - All Together Again

Like the 9 separate coloured shapes which adorn the album’s cover, the tracks on All Together Again are an assembled collage of musical pieces compiled from various projects and requests. These range from soundtracks for films, installations, and fashion shows to ferry rides, weddings, and anniversaries. Despite this, seemingly disparate, approach to the curation of this record, a coherence and narrative journey can still be felt throughout. This is entirely due to the captivating character and
Echoes And Dust

Moloch - The Vatican Cellars

This gargantuan collection spans 36 tracks, more than 2 hours, and is harvested from recordings stretching back to 2004. Moloch (not to be confused with the Ukrainian black metal act, nor the UK sludge band, who all share this moniker) has opted to amalgamate his previous two full length releases, Withering Hopes & Onoskelis, along with the Yog-Sothoth EP, into one almighty journey through the dark dungeons of his mind. Despite this seemingly arbitrary method of collation, The Vatican Cellars i
Echoes And Dust

Ólafur Arnalds - Eulogy For Evolution 2017

“My heart is quite calm now. I will go back” A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man – James Joyce 2017 marks the ten year anniversary of Erased Tapes. A record label famed for not allowing modern classical music to slip into a fetid wasteland where it is considered too pop for the classical crowd and too classical for pop audiences. Ten years ago they also released the debut album from a sprightly, twenty years young, composer named Ólafur Arnalds. Here we are, a decade hence, with a thirty y
MITHRA ! Templezine

[Chrönique] Mekigah - Litost - Album - 2014

Experimental / Dark ambient / Doom metal / Noise It is unusual, after years of traipsing through the dark and blackened world of experimental music, to find instances that contain the power to shock, surprise, or terrify. The occasions that this has happened for me are few and far between: With headphones on, Mekigah’s opening track – Total Cessation of One – elicited a similar chilling response. With its obfuscated whispers and dense cinematic swells undercut by sinister chords, spines cannot
MITHRA ! Templezine

[Chrönique] Non- S/T - EP - 2017

Non-’s track titles talk of the past and mistakes made. Things that cannot be undone. And, indeed, this is echoed in the various contemplative moments on this self-titled record. Guitars saturated in longing and grief divide up break-neck blast beats. Boston’s Jack Whelan has an ear for the grand and epic, particularly when it comes to vocal performances. On Absent, the terrifying wailing often associated with The Body is brought to mind. There is also something of Envy’s Tetsuya Fukagawa in Whe
MITHRA ! Templezine

[Chrönique] Sana Obruent - August - Album - 2017

Blackjack Illuminist Records, home of the ever prolific Vlimmer, have linked up with Sana Obruent for this, the California-based artist’s third and most personal release to date.. August initially appears light and airy but lurking beneath the empyrean waves lies a sense of foreboding, perhaps even dread. Something akin to forcing a smile through swelling tears. Still, it is somehow calming. There is a kindness in this musical serenity. Space for consideration and, a rarity for our modern, hect
MITHRA ! Templezine

[Chrönique] Various Artists - Labyrinth - Compilation - 2017

“Before unearthing this letter, I had questioned myself about the ways in which a book can be infinite. I could think of nothing other than a cyclic volume, a circular one. A book whose last page was identical with the first, a book which had the possibility of continuing indefinitely.” The question of the infinite in regards to a poetic text – be it prose, paint or performed on an instrument – is unlikely to have been far from the mind of Raffaele Pezzella when curating this two hour plus comp
MITHRA ! Templezine

[Cérémönie - live report] JK Flesh & Ramleh - Live - 2/9/2017 - London.

A line of queuing black clad people snakes its way through haberdashery, glinting tchotchke, and choking perfumery on a Saturday night in London. Zone 1 has a new venue and, as noted by the Quietus, the number of venues within this region in the capital has been drastically reduced. Unusually it is Selfridges – yep, that’s right… The thrice voted “Best Department Store in the World” – who have stepped up to the plate and set up the Ultralounge. This is part of their Music Matters project, the in
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