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Markus Floats - Third Album

Cathedrals, shrines, temples, and other places of worship have been increasingly co-opted for musical ventures over the past decade or two so, it stands to reason, that this would further extend to the sounds typically reserved for those spaces too. In keeping with this, Markus Lake – the man behind the Markus Floats moniker who, himself, is no stranger to blurring boundaries & genres, having participated in a broad spectrum of Afrofuturist, punk, post-punk, and experimental outfits...

Midwife - Forever

“Nature will give you clues if you are brave” In 2017 the artist formerly known as Madeline Johnston/Sister Grotto re-emerged with a new moniker – Midwife – and blew my flimsy little mind. Like Author, Like Daughter somehow managed to lock into a deep part of my psyche and then proceeded to lovingly unspool it over 51 delicately crafted minutes of reverb-doused guitars, hauntingly distant drums, and an enveloping sense of mysterious familiarity.

Ell Kendall - Marlen/Nuha

Intentionally or not, this debut EP from sound artist, Ell Kendall, appears to interweave the two tracks making up its runtime with reflective ideas of life cycles, frailty, and the transience of existence. Both pieces are portraits of two seemingly different people. The former, ‘Marlen’, captures the energy and life of a dancer whilst the latter, ‘Nuha’, focuses on the rapid physical and mental degradation of a woman diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Top 25 Records of 2019

There seems to be a thread running through the albums that I’ve gravitated towards this year. One of a sort of wary hopefulness. Things may have been tough, they will inevitably be tough again but there is a sense of perseverance laced throughout. The world may feel like it’s taking two steps forward and one and a half backwards at any given moment but through this we are left with a choice: give in to the mounting gloom or battle to find some light emerging from within it.

Lunacy - Age of Truth

“We are all chimeras, theorised and fabricated hybrids of machine and organism; in short, we are cyborgs.” The Cyborg Manifesto by Donna Haraway, 1985. Knowingly or not, we all seem to have acquired additional elements of technology that we now include in our daily lives. Some of us wear glasses. Others, hearing aids. Most walk around with headphones on or earbuds in. There are those with prosthetic limbs, pacemakers, and digital tattoos.

Low Variety - #1

Ushering aside the noise pop of his previous Dead Gaze project, R. Cole Furlow has extended his limbs into more arcadian realms for this, his first release under the Low Variety moniker. On first listen #1 could easily be mistaken for a series of simple yet entrancing, guitar-based folk instrumentals. Conjuring images of sunlit melancholy, pastoral cavorting, simpler times. But you don’t have to scratch too deep for this idyll to distort. Cracks appear, images phase in and out.

Sunn O))) - Pyroclasts

Pyroclasts begins with deep sounds unfurling like the wings of a quetzalcoatlus in the morning light. Wings that beat their first and heaviest, causing trees to bend, buckle, and all manner of avian habitats to skitter and tumble to the earth. Dust kicks up in a whipped pool. Fur and scales shrink back into underground hollows. Each flap of a wing is enough to strobe light into night for the world beneath. Borne out of improvised sessions beginning or closing the day’s recordings, these 4 heavi
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