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Top 25 Records of 2020

Flippin’ ‘eck. That was a lot, weren’t it? I doubt I need to belch on about the trials and tribulations of this bastard year so it’s probably enough to say that I didn’t really feel like ranking music this time round. Aligning most accurately with my shifting and seasonal tastes isn’t exactly a competition. Despite the fetid state of this year, the quality of music released was astounding. To the point that anyone dropping this sort of list a month ago now seems a little foolhardy as late additions have bumped otherwise locked-in records straight out of the running. If that seems a little unfair or callous, even, here’s a little run down of those nearly-theres:

J. Zunz - Hibiscus

As summer dribbled away, dark clouds more befitting of 2020’s mood scampered into place along the British skyline. Concurrent with this meteorological shift arrives J Zunz’s Hibiscus. One half of the hypnotic psychonauts Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, J Zunz (real name Lorena Quintanilla) has eschewed collaboration this time in favour of a deeply personal delve into her own psyche. What emerges is something nuanced, confident, and throbbing with paranoia.
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